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International Journal of Agronomy & Plant Production

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Study on Incidence, Molecular Characterization and Pathogenesis of Different Fungi Associated with Sudden Death of Mango

Asma rashid2*, Shazia Iram1, Iftikhar Ahmad2


Effect of Seedling Age and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Growth, Chlorophyll Content, Yield and Economics of Hybrid Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
K. Pramanik1 , A. K. Bera1


Green Fluorescent Protein and its Uses
Abdullah S. Alsohim1


Investigation of the Viability of Pollen Grains in some Commercial Hazelnut Cultivars
Fatemeh Bashiri Nazar1, Sona Hossein Ava2


Antifungal activity of aqueous and organic extracts of eight aromatic and medicinal plants against Geotrichum candidum, causal agent of citrus sour rot
Idriss Talibi, Hicham Karim, Latifa Askarne, Hassan Boubaker, El Has


Bioavailability of Zn (II) to Plants from new Fertilizer Components Produced by Biosorption

Izabela Michalak1, Łukasz Tuhy1, Agnieszka Saeid1, Katarzyna Chojnacka1


Potentiality of Moringa oleifera Lam. Extracts in the Control of some Field – Store Insect Pests of Cowpea
*Ojiako Frank O1, Agu, Clifford M1, Ahuchaogu, Christopher E1


Participatory Varietal Selectionn> of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes at Marwold Kebele, Womberma Woreda, West Gojam, Ethiopia

Asaye Demelash1, Tadesse Desalegn2, Getachew Alemayehu2


Identification of Pathogenic Races of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici in Khuzestan and Lorstan Provinces of Iran

S. Elyasi-Gomari1, Hayati J 2


Rating and Correlating Physicochemical Properties of Eutric Vertisols in Abaya Chamo Lake basin, South-west Ethiopia
Tuma Ayele1, Tesema Tanto1, Mekonen Ayana1


Impact of land form Position and Soil Properties on Soil pore
Distribution in Hilly Regions of Koohrang

Zamani Gandomani M1, Jalalian A2 , Jalali Jalalabadi M3 , Habibi Fathabadi A4


Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilization for Jumbo (Sorghum bicolor x Sorghum sudanese) Forage Production and Evaluation by Using Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
A.B.M. Khaleduzzaman1, M. Enamul Haq Hazary2,M. Emdadul Haque3, M. Shafiqul Islam4


Effect of Nano-iron Chelates on Growth, Peroxidase Enzyme Activity and Oil Essence of Cress (Lepidium sativum L.)
Omid Salarpour 1, Soheil Parsa 2, Mohammad Hassan Sayyari 2, Majid jami alahmadi 2


Effect of Different levels of Salt Stress and Salicylic Acid on Morphological Characteristics of four Mass Native Basils (Ocimum basilcum)

Mohammadzadeh, M1., Arouee, H2., Neamati, S.H2., Shoor, M3.


Effects of Cold and other Abiotic Stress on Plants

A.H. Gorji1, R. Hajianfar1, B. Rostamforody1


Determination of Chemical Composition, Physical Characteristics, Degradability and in-vitro Digestibility of Aloe Vera pulp as a Valuable Feedstuff for Ruminants

Poorya Dadvar 1,Malihe Morovat2, Omid Dayani3


Supplementation of Effluent Treated Plant Biomass in Soil and Growth/Productivity of Triticum aestivum L. and Vigna radiate L.
Bhupinder Dhir1, Sheela Srivastava1


Effect of Kill Time of Legume Green Manures on Growth and Nutrient Uptake of Succeeding Maize (Zea mays L) Tamiru Hirpa


Status of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Production and Utilization in Malawi
Michael Malandula Chipeta1, James M. Bokosi1


Endophytic fungi of the Climber Epipremnum Aureum (L) Engl and its Symbiotic Association with their Host tree, Annona squamosa L.

G. Senthilmurugan @ Viji¹, M. Eyini


Karyotypic Study in Some Iranian Iris species Populations

Maryam Chakhgari¹, Javad Mozafari², Mahshid Fakhraie Lahiji³


Yield Performance of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) as Influenced by Irrigation

Shihab Uddin1, Shahnaj Parvin1


Effect of Inorganic NPK Different levels on Yield and Quality of Sugarcane Plant and Ratoon Crop
Muhammad Chohan1, Ubedullah Anwar Talpur1, Riaz Noor Pahnwar1, Saifullah Talpur1


Effects of Dicyandiamide and Methyl-p-Hydroxyphenyl Propionate onNitrification and N2O Emission under Different Soil Moisture Conditions

Ahmed Elgharably1, Osamu Ito2


Nitrogen use Efficiency under Water Deficit Condition in Spring Barley
Sedighe Haji Hoseinlou1, Ali Ebadi1, Mehdi Ghaffari2, Elham Mostafaei1


Effect of Nitrogen Levels on Sweet Sorghum Feedstuff for Ruminants to Assess the Crude Protein and In Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility (IVDMD)
S. P. Singh, Y. P. Joshi, Vijay Singh Meena


Effect of Soil Characteristics and Rotation Type on Concentration of Cadmium in Soil

GH Sayyad1, AR. Jafarnejadi2, M.A. Mehrnia3


Eradication of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Mosaic Symptoms through Thermotherapy and Meristems Cultured in vitro.
G.H.T. Cacai1, H. Adoukonou-Sagbadja1, B. S. Kumulugui2, P. Ondo Ovono2, J. Houngue1, C. Ahanhanzo1


Variations in Mineral Contents of Sumac Rhus coriaria L. Grown at Different locations of Sharbazher / Iraqi Kurdistan
Abdulsalam Abdulrahman Rasool1, Karzan Ezadeen Mohammad2


Entrepreneurial Orientations and Export Performance in SMEs (Case Study of Fruits and Vegetables SMEs in Iran)
Fatemeh Kabiri 1, Mokshapathy S 2


The Study of Aallelic Diversity of Microsatellite Markers Related to QTL Controlling Drought-Tolerance in Rice

Parham Niksiar1, Saeid Navvabpour2, Hosein Sabouri3, Hasan Soltanlu4, Masoud Rahimi5


Enhancement the Activity of L-asparaginase and Antioxidant Enzymes in Cicer arietium L Cotyledons under Stress Conditions
Hamed E. El Shora1, Awatif S. Ali2


Guidelines of Entrepreneurship Development of Agricultural Products in Rural Regions by Using of QSPM Techniques (Case Study: Villages in the Kashan city)
Jangchi Kashani S1, Parsmehr M2, Mesbah A3


Allelopathic Properties of Chenopodium Album on Seedling Related Traits of Sorghum Cultivars
A. Bagheri1, M. Rezaei2* , A. R. Eivazi2


The Estimation of Total Factor Productivity of Agricultural Sector in Iran
Alireza Karbasi1, Marjan Taheri Saffar2,Amir Abbas Ajory Ayask3


Effect of Nitrogen and Silicon Fertilizer on Rice Growth in two Irrigation Regimes
Hassan Jafari1, Hamid Madani2, Salman Dastan3, Abbas Ghanbari Malidarreh4, Babak Mohammadi5


Seed Deterioration and Seedling Germination of Soybean (Glycine max L.) cv. Sahar
Hassan Jafari1, Rohollah Najafi2, Afshin Soltani3, Salman Dastan4


Effect of Feed Restriction on Compensatory Growth for Farahani male lambs
Azizi R1, Mirshamsollahi, A1


Assessment of leaves and Fruits Concentrations of N, P and K of the Orange “Maltaise” Planted in Calcareous Soil in Semi-Arid Zone of Tunisia
Habib Ben Hassine1, Mouna Essaïdi1, Fatma
Bellelli1, Lassaâd Albouchi1


Precipitation Management under Rice based Rainfed Cropping System: A case Study for Transect 4 of Indo-Gangetic Plain
Gaurav Singh1, Rajesh kumar1, C.D. Mishra1, Srikant1, S. Meshram1, Nirmal De2


Determination of Yield and Yield Components and Seed Quality of Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) at Different Harvest Times
Öner Canavar1,2 , Mustafa Ali Kaynak1


Production Approaches to Establish Effective Cultivation Methods for Jatropha (Jatropha curcas L.) under Cold and Semi-arid Climate Conditions
Sayuri Inafuku-Teramoto1,2, Charles Mazereku3, Tidimalo Coetzee3, Chiyapo Gwafila3, Lekgari A. Lekgari3, Dikungwa Ketumile3, Yasunori Fukuzawa1, Shin Yabuta1, Masego Masukujane3, Derick G.M. George3, Stephen M. Chite3, Masami Ueno1, Yoshinobu Kawamitsu1, Kinya Akashi4


Seed Yield Determinants of Sunflower under Drought Stressed and Well Watered Conditions
Mehdi Ghaffari1, Sedighe Haji Hoseinlou2


Effects of Paclobutrazol and Cycocel for Height Control of Zinnia

Hooshmand Asgarian1, Amrollah Nabigol1, Mahdi Taheri1


Potassium as Foliar Supplementation Mitigates Moisture Induced Stresses in Mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) as Revealed by Growth, Photosynthesis , Gas Exchange Capacity and Zn Analysis of Shoot
Muhammad Zahid Ihsan1,3*, Nauman Shahzad2, Shamsa Kanwal2, Muhammad Naeem3, Abdul Khaliq3, Fathy Saad El-Nakhlawy1, Ammar Matloob3


Design and Performance Evaluation of a Screw Press Separator for Separating Dairy Cattle Manure
Ahmad Reza Salehion1, Saeid Minaei2, Seyed Jalil Razavi3


The Effect of Four Compost Soil Amendments Based on Trichoderma harzianum on Nematode Pests of Sesame.

Timothy Ipoola Olabiyi and Adeola Rukayat Gbadamosi


Effect of Seedbed Preparation, Sowing Method and Nitrogen Fertilizer Level on Sorghum Grain Yield in Rainfed Areas, Gedarif, Sudan

Lotfie A. Yousif1 and Musa B. Taha2