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Research and Development Spending and Value Added of Agricultural Sector of Iran

Parinaz Jansouz1, Mosayeb Pahlavani2, Farhad Shirani Bidabadi3


Farm Decision Making by Applying a Constraint multi Objective Model: a Case Study in Iran

Hooman Mansoori1, Mohammad Reza Kohansal2


Effects of CEC on Atterberg limits and Plastic Index in Different Soil

Salahedin Moradi


The Examination of Effects of Growth Stimulating and Salinity Bacteria on the Characteristics of Mentha spicata leaves

Sadegh Bahamin1, Soheil Parsa2, Sadegh Ghoreishi3


The Quantitative Yield of lemon Verbena (Lippia Citriodora) as Influenced by Different biological Fertilizers

Morteza Mohammadi1, Ahmad Tobeh1, Rasoul Fakhari2, Hassanali Naghdi3, Mehran Ochi4


Studies on Fusarial wilt Pathogen of two Vegetable Crop Fields with Emphasis on Physico-Chemical Properties

S. K. Dwivedi1, Enespa1


Practicing Service learning in College Classroom: the Green House Project Improvement

Farahnaz Rostami1, Kiumars Zarafshani2, Enayat Abasi3


The Effect of Drought Stress on Nutrition Elements like Nitrogen, Phosphor, Sulfur, Potassium and Growth of Borage Officinalis L. at Hydroponic Conditions

Simin Zahed Chakovari 1 , Nemat Gasimov2


Nutrient and Heavy Metal Concentration and Distribution in Corn, Sunflower and Turnip Cultivated in a Soil under Wastewater Irrigation

Mahmood Solhi1, H.Molahoseini1


Numerical Estimation of Static Cutting Resistance of a Thin Tillage Blade via Ansys software

Saeed dehghan1, Davood kalantari2*, Seyed Reza Mousavi Seyedi2


Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Plant Growth under Soil Applied Herbicide

Hassan Makarian1, Vahid Poozesh2, Hamid Reza Asghari


Jointed Effects of Mesosulfuron-Methyl + Iodosulfuron-Methyl-Sodium and Clodinafop-Propargyl Mixed with Adjuvants on wild Oat (Avena ludoviciana Durieu.)

Ali Asghar Chitband, Reza Ghorbani, Mohammad Hasan Rashed Mohassel, Ahmad Zare Fizabadi,
Majid Abbaspoor


Comparison between Feeder and Cutter Mechanism, Conventionally Combine and Hand Pulling Methodon Chickpea Harvest at Different Grain Moisture Contents

Hussein Mostafavand, Saadat Kamgar


Classification of three Varieties of Peach Fruit Using Artificial Neural Network Assisted with Image Processing Techniques

Amir Alipasandi1, Hosein Ghaffari2, Saman Zohrabi Alibeyglu1


Energy Input-output Relationship and Economical Analysis of Wheat Production in Khuzestan Province of Iran

Fakher Kardoni1, Sara Parande2, Khedijeh Jassemi3, Somayeh Karami4


Comparison of Native Turf grass Monoculture and Polycultures with Commercial Turf Mixture

Elham Saeedi Pooya1‚ Ali Tehranifar2‚ Mahmoud Shoor3, Yahya Selahvarzi4, Hossein Ansari5


Determining the Level of Development Agriculture by Using Taxonomy Technique (Case study, Hamadan Province Townships)

Farhad Zand


Studies on Germination Properties of Spring wheat in Presence of Phytohormones under Salinity Stress

Neda Ozhan1, Maryam Hajibabaei2


Germination Reaction of Spring wheat Treated with Gibbelic Acid and Sprimidin under Salinity Stress

Neda Ozhan1, Maryam Hajibabaei2


Effect of Exogenous Hormone Treatment in Germination of Spring Wheat under Salinity Stress

Neda Ozhan1, Maryam Hajibabaei2


Roll of Gibberlic Acid and Sprimidin on Germination of Spring Cultivars of Wheat under Salinity Stress

Neda Ozhan1, Maryam Hajibabaei2


Relationships of Some Soybean Genotypes Based on Morphological Characters and Biochemical Marker

Sarkaut Salimi


Comparative Study of the Response of Different Almond Rootstocks to Water Stress

Tahereh Parvaneh1, Hossein Afshari2


Investigation of the Effect of Petroleum Contaminant on Some Physiological Characteristics of Salicornia (Salicornia persica)

P. Babazadeh1, Gh. Abbas Akbari1, N.A. Khoshkholghsima2, F. Moradi2, H. Irannejad1


Genetic Analysis of Pre-Harvest Sprouting Resistance in Wheat Cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.)

Mohammad Ghanbari1, Behrooz Mir2


Survey Technology Spillovers of Selected Countries of Newly Industrialized of East Asia to Iran

Sayyed Abdolmajid Jalaee Esfandabadi1, Fateme Taleghani2


Analyzing Iran’s Pistachio Exports Using Trade and Comparative Advantage Method

Ali Borhanzadeh1, Dinghauss Hu2


Genetic Variation of Erysiphe necator Schw. Single Spore Isolates in Iran, Using RAPD Technique

Rahman Yousefi1, Salahedin Moradi1


Role of Poly Amines in Reducing Destructive Effects of Salinity on Germination of Spring Cultivar of Wheat

Neda Ozhan1, Maryam Hajibabaei2


Studies on Germination Properties of Spring Wheat with Treatment by Poly Amines under Salinity Stress

Neda Ozhan1, Maryam Hajibabaei2


Profitability of Poly Amines in Reduction of Destructive Effects of Salinity in Germination of Spring Wheat

Neda Ozhan1, Maryam Hajibabaei2


Germination Growth Responses of Some Cultivars of Spring Wheat under Salinity Stress in the Presence of Poly Amines

Neda Ozhan1, Maryam Hajibabaei2


Role of Phosphorus in Maize (Zea mays L.) Competitiveness against Velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti)

Payam Aghaie1, Seyed Abdolreza Kazemeini2, Roghaieh Majd3, Mohammad Taghi Alebrahim4


The Interactive Effects of Water and Shade Stresses on Field Performance of Soybean

J. Bakhshy1, S. Zehtab-Salmasi, K1, Ghassemi–Golezani1, M. Moghaddam1


Effect of Static Magnetic Field on Germination, Growth Characteristics and Activities of Some Enzymes in Chamomile Seeds (Matricaria Chamomilla L.)

Latifeh Pourakbar


Influence of Water Stress and Pod Position on Oil and Protein Accumulation in Soybean Grains

Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani1, Ramin Lotfi1


Shelf life Improvement and Postharvest Quality of Cherry Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Fruit Using Basil Mucilage Edible Coating and Cumin Essential Oil

Hoda Shahiri Tabaestani1, Naser Sedaghat2, Elham Saeedi Pooya3, Asiyeh Alipour4


Investigating Enzyme activity and Protein Changes in Postharvest (Lilium candidum cv. Navona) Cut Flower

Maryam Kaviani1, Syyed Najmaddin Mortazavi1, Seyyedeh Farahnaz Talebi2, Yavar Sharafi3


The Effects of Interplanting on the Yield and Quality of Zucchini Crops (Cucurbita pepo) Grown in Greenhouses

Maira Xochilt Francisco-Illescas1, Javier Villegas-Ramos1, Francisco Camacho-Ferre1


Investigation of Rice Genotypes Response to Reduced Irrigation Using Grain Yield and some Associate Characterize

Mehdi Ghiasi Oskooie1, Hasan Farahbakhsh2, Hossein Sabouri3, Ghasem Mohammadinejad4


Comparison of Predictions from Neural Networks (Static and Dynamic) and Mathematical Models in Drying of Thyme Leaves (Part )

Mohammad Esmaeili Adabi1, Saeid Minaei2, Ali Motevali2, Issa Loghmanieh3, Reza Amiri Chayjan4


Evaluation of Grain Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) and Soybean (Glycine max L.) Instrip Intercropping

Robab Mahmoudi1, Khalil Jamshidi2, Majid Pouryousef2


Influence of Postharvest Nitric oxide and Aloe vera Gel Application on Sweet Cheery Quality Indices and Storage Life

Mohamadreza Asghari1, Hojjat Khalili*1, Yusof Rasmi2 , Arash Mohammadzadeh3


Determining the Potential of Bistoon Forest Park using hierarchical analysis method (AHP)

Ali Sarvazad1, J. Oladi Qadykolayy2, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Nasr2


Energy Consumption, Effective Moisture Diffusion and Activation Energy in Drying of Thyme Leaves (Part Π)

Mohammad Esmaeili Adabi1, Saeid Minaei2, Ali Motavalli2, Ahmad Taghizadeh3, Mohsen Azadbakht3


The Examination of Effective Factors in Sustainable Agricultural System- A case Study Aligodarz in Iran

Mohammad Reza Bosshaq1, Ismail Salarvand2, Kamal Danesh3, Elham Kalbali4, Ramzan Tosi5


Marker Assisted Selection for Quality Improvement of Ghaem Rice Variety in Multiple Crosses at Segregating Population

Kamelia Katalani, Ghorbanali Nematzadeh, Ghafar Kiani, Seyyed Hamidreza Hashemi


Assessment of Eocio-Economic Indicators and Practitioners in Zagros Forests, Iran

Mojtaba Imani1, Hamid Jalilvand2, Mehdi Zandebasiri3


Estimation of Phenotypical and Morphological Differentiation among Some Selected Persian Walnut (Juglans regia L.) Accessions

Reza Norouzi1, Salim Heidari2, Mohammad Ali Asgari-Sarcheshmeh3, Ali Shahi-Garahlar4


Determining the Potential of Bistoon Forest Park and locating Tourism Activities

Ali Sarvazad1, J. Oladi Qadykolayy2, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Nasr2