International Journal of Agronomy & Plant Production


Effects of Nitroxin Bio-Fertilizer on Yield and Yield Components of Potato Cultivars in Sarab Region

Siyamak Dadashzadeh1, Mehrdad Yarnia1, and Davoud Hassanpanah2


Optimizing the dosage of pinoxaden with adjuvants to control of wild oat (Avena ludoviciana Durieu.)

Ali Asghar Chitband1, Reza Ghorbani1, Rahmat Abbasi2, Mahbubeh Nabizade3


Can Spraying with Methanol Improve the Reproductive Performance of Soybean under Deficit Rrrigation?

Vahid Bayat*1, Farzad Paknejad2, Mohammadreza Ardakani2, Saeed Vazan2


Osmoconditioning as a Useful Technique for Better Stand of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) under Saline Condition

Mohammadali Esmaeili1, Esfandiyar Farahmanfar1


An Efficient Technique for Paclitaxel Extraction Based on Continues wave Focused Microwave Assisted Extraction

A. Joshani1, H. Rezadoost1, F. Mirzajani1, E. Mehrshahi2, A. Ghassempour1


Effect of Growth Regulators in Corm Production, Growth and Development of Corm in Gladiolus varieties (Rose supreme, White prosperity)

Mahshid Fakhraie Lahiji1


Effect of Different Levels of Zinc on Some Aspects of Immune System in Broiler Chicks Vaccinated Against Coccidiosis

S. Sajadifar1, M. Shirani2


Effect of Depth and Placement Distance of Fertilizer NPK 15-15-15 on the Performance and Yield of Maize Plant

V. Owusu-Gyimah1, M. Nyatuame1, F. Ampiaw1, P.B. Ampadu1


Heterogeneity in Safou (Dacryodes edulis (G. Don) H.J. Lam) Fruit Softening Behaviour during Storage

Crépin Ella Missang1,2, Alain Serges Ondo-Azi1, Jean Michel Le Quéré3, Alain Baron3


Agricultural Impact on Economic Growth in Iran Using Johansen Approach Cointegration

Mohammad Reza Kohansal1, Sasan Torabi2


The Estimation of Agriculture Share in Economic Growth of Iran by Using OLS Method

Mohammad Reza Kohansal1, Sasan Torabi2


The Review of Asymmetrical Cointegration Relationship between Agriculture and Economic Growth in Iran by Using TAR and M-TAR Models

Hosein Mohammadi1, Sasan Torabi2


Effect of Zn and Fe Foliar Application on Yield, Yield Components and some Physiological Traits of Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) in Dry Farming

Gholam Ali Akbari1, Mahdiyeh Amirinejad1,2*, Amin Baghizadeh3, Iraj Allahdadi1, Maryam Shahbazi4


A Study on Maize Value Chain: Enhancing food Security and Commercialization in North Bank Region of the Gambia

Saikou E. Sanyang1, Ansumana K.Jarju2, Mama Manneh3


Yield and Quality Parameters of Alkaloids of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal

Atul K. Shrivastava1, Pankaj K. Sahu2*


Effect of Nitrogen and Sulphur on Canola Yield and Yield Components in Mollasani, Iran

A. Ghatei1, A.Bakhshandeh1, Kh. Alami Saeed1, Gh.Fathi1, H.Nadian2


Effect of Priming Solution, Concentration and Duration on Pansy (Viola tricolor L. Var.arvensis) Seed Germination and Vegetative Parameters

Fateme Rajabalipour1, Ahmad Asghar Zade2, Saeed Bakhtiari3


Effect of Urea Foliar Application and Irrigation on Some Morphological Characteristics, Yield and Yield Components of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) in Ilam, Iran

Azita Yari, Mehrshad Barary, Ali Hatami, Zahra Tahmasebi


Genetic Parameter Estimation of Root Morphophisiology Characters of Zea mays Strains Tolerant Acid Soil

Khairunnisa Lubis 1, Surjono Hadi Sutjahjo 2, Muhammad Syukur 2, Trikoesoemaningtyas 2


Effects of Salicylic Acid on some of Biochemical Constituents on Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) under Cadmium Stress

Akhavan Hezaveh Torfeh1, Dilmaghani K-A2


Impact of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Soil on AMF Diversity during different Seasons in Gwalior Region

Muzamil Ahmad Sheikh1, Bashir Ahmad Bhat1, Avinsh Tiwari1, Anjana thakur1


Export of Horticultural Products from India: need for Sustainable Grow

Ali Lagzi1


A Study on the Allergenicity of Artemisia Deserti Flowering Taps in Guinea pigs

Malihe Naemi 1, Leila Amjad 2, Shahla Roozbehani 2


Do Nano Silver Treatments Control Dry Rot Agent Inoculated Young and Aged Potato Seed Tubers?

Hamideh Zare Banadkouki1, Reza Tavakkol Afshari2, Javad Shaterian3, Michael Harding4


Comparison Earthworks Volume between Predicted and Constructed Forest Road Projects

Nahid Pirzadeh1, Seyed Ataollah Hosseini2, Majid Lotfalian3, Esmaeil Ghajar4


Incorporation of Agronomic and Physiological Indicators of Drought Tolerance in a Single Integrated Selection Index for Screening Drought Tolerant Landraces of Bread Wheat Genotypes

Ezatollah Farshadfar1, Parvin Elyasi1, Hojjat Hasheminasab1


Calculation of Hedge Ratio for Iran Dates

Habibeh Sherafatmand1, Saeed Yazdani2, Reza Moghadasi3


Biotechnology of Intra – Row Banding of Cyno-bacteria Leguminous Crops for Raising Yield Plateau of Cereals and Oilseeds

R.C.Yadav1, Om Parakash1 , J.S. Deshwal1


The Effects of Storage on Germination Characteristics of Barley seeds

Tabatabaei, S.A1*


Allelopathic Effect from some Medicinal Plants on Germination of Alyssum hirsutum and Amaranthus retroflexus

Hadi Babaahmadi1, Ali Ghanbari2, Ghorbanali Asadi3, Mahmood Khodambashi Emami4


Role of Radioisotopes in soil plant System

Kumar Dileep1, Singh A.P1, Raha, P1


Effect of Natural Anti-freeze on Some Physiological Characteristics of Potato Cultivars under Cold Stress

Ali Darini1, Qodrat Allah Fathi2, Mohammad Hossein Qarineh3, Khalil Alami Saied4, Mohsen Khodadadi5, Sayed Ata Allah Siadat2.


Comparative Analysis of Animal Manure for Soil Conditioning

Sana Akhtar 1,Sarah Shakeel 1, Asim Mehmood2, Almas Hamid1, Saamia Saif2


Evaluation of ET-HS Model in Estimating water Requirement of Safflower in Center of Iran

Reza Esmaeili1, Ali Soleymani1


Study of Causal Relationship among Product Cost, Infield and Price of Cotton in Iran’s Agriculture (1996-2012)

Mohammadreza Kohansal1, Shahram Eydizadeh2


Analysis of Correlation Coefficients between Grain Yield and its Components in Average and Late-Rripening Hybrids of Grain Maize (Zea mays L.)

Hossein Valizadeh1, Tahmineh Bahrampour2


Improved Growth, Essential Oil Yield and Quality in Thymus daenensis Celak on Mycorrhizal and Plant Growth Promoting  Rhizobacteria Inoculation

Bahadori*1, E. Sharifi Ashorabadi2, M. Mirza2, M. Matinizade3, V. Abdosi4


Study of Effects of Sowing and Harvest Date on Sugar Beet Quantity and Quality Traits

Mahdi Naghizadeh1, Ali Ali-Askari2, Ali Fadaie2


The Effect of Incubation Time and Shelf of Cocoon on Mobility of Some Heavy Metals in Contaminated Sandy Soil

Bahareh Lorestani1, Bahareh Poyandeh2, Hajar Merrikhpour3


The Study Effects of Bio-Fertilizer and Foliar Spray with Complete Fertilizer on Yield and Yield Components of Sunflower (Helianthus
annus L.)

Kazem Shahraki Nasab1, S.M. Nabavi Kalat2, R. Sadrabadi Haghighi2


Estimate of Export Demand Model of Iranian Natural Honey and Survey of its Effect to Social Welfare of Emirates Importer Country

Alireza Keikha1, Alireza Sargazi1, F. Nikbakhsh Nosar1


Drought Stress Effects on Seed Yield and Yield Components of Barley Cultivars

Marziyeh Maktoobian1, Ali Soleymani1, Hamid Reza Javanmard


The Determination of Optimal Crop Pattern Using a Tolerance Based Fuzzy Goal Programming Technique

Mostafa Mardani1, Alireza Keikha1


Investigation of the Ability of Mentha spicata L.’s for Reducing Cadmium in Contaminated Soils

Samaneh Seyedsadr1, ZarrinTaj Alipour2, Massoumeh Farasat3, Jafarmasoud Sinaki2


Genetic Analysis of Earliness Trait and its Components in Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) by Diallel Cross

Hossein Hatamzadeh1


Comparing the Performance of Fuzzy AHP and Parametric Method to Evaluate of land Suitability of Wheat Production in the Southern Plain of Urmia

N. Mohammadrezaei1 , E. Pazira2 , R. Sokoti3 , A. Ahmadi4


Isotherm Study of Cadmium Adsorption onto Stabilized-Zerovalent Iron Nanoparticles

Amirhosein Ramazanpour Esfahani1, Ahmad Farrokhian Firouzi*1, Gholamabbas Sayyad1, Alireza Kiasat2


Agricultural Sustainable Development by Variable-rate Spraying

Maghsoudi Hossein1, Minaei Saeid1, Ghobadian Barat1 , Masoudi Hassan2


Study on Effects of Different Plant Density on Seed Yield of Canola (Brassica napus L.) Cultivars

Sheida Eatedal1, Reza Taghizadeh1, Farzin Saeidzadeh1


Major Post Harvest Diseases of Mango and their Management

Shazia Iram1, Hamd Meer Iftikhar Ahmad2