International Journal of Agronomy & Plant Production

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Study Effect on Absorption of Some Micro Elements under Irrigation by Compost Leachate on Plant Production

Ebrahim Panahpour, Ali Gholami, Zohreh Hossein Mirzaee Beni


The effect of different sowing dates on yield and yield components of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars

Vahid Khosravi, Gholamraza Khajoie-Nejad, Ghasem Mohammadi-Nejad and Khatoon Yousefi


Study Effect of Application of Compost Leachate on Soil Acidity and Plant Growth

Ali Gholami, Ebrahim Panahpour


The Study of Ecological Changes and Seriate Structure of Markazi Province Forest (Case Study: Shazand Province,Oak jungles)

Sayed Reza Fatemi Talab, Aghakhani Siavash, Majid Shaban, Ebrahim Panahpour


Measuring irrigation system performance using automation sensor

Mohd. Hudzari Razali, Mohd Fauzan Mamat Zawawi, Abdul Ssomad M.A.Halim, Syazili Roslan and, Muhammad Azhar A. Wahid


Investigation of effects of ZnO nanoparticles on survival, reproduction, absorption, weight gain and accumulation in Eisenia foetida earthworm tissues in two different substrates

Behboudi F, Alahdadi I, Mohammadi Goltapeh E, Malakootikhah J, Hosseinifard S. M